Woman standing with her hands over her breasts


One in eight women will possibly develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Of these women, some will be unfortunate enough to have a recurrence of the cancer. 

All forms of breast cancer treatment are an emotional roller coaster ride which can be so easily avoided by creating an early detection plan.

Be Vigilant act on pain or lumps in the breast. 

Early detection with routine mammograms can improve survival rate of 5 years by 100%.

Trials have shown that there has been a 33% decrease in deaths from breast cancer in woman of 40 plus who go for regular screening mammograms or annual check-ups.

Remember, Routine mammograms are a MUST. Cells change throughout one's life therefore relying on one’s mammogram as 'clear' is short sighted and this could be detrimental to your health. 

Despite what some people think, Mammograms are perfectly safe. We are exposed to daily background radiation in our environments all the time. A mammogram is equal to approximately two months of this same background radiation.

How to: Breast Self-Examination

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