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Bergman Ross & Partners Radiologists

Bergman, Ross & Partners (formerly, Syminton & Partners) started as a small practice in Wynberg Cape Town in 1995. We have now grown to include multiple branches in the Western Cape, Gauteng, Pretoria and Ghana.

We are a private Radiology practice in Cape Town located primarily in the northern suburbs of the city. We work in close conjunction with our patients and referring doctors to provide the most relevant, clinically useful, and safest imaging information. We aim for constructive engagement with our clinical referring colleagues and strive to provide an inclusive and accommodating environment. For our patients, maximising on patient care and minimising on patient waiting times is essential.

Radiologists play a pivotal role in patient care, not only reporting medical imaging, but also performing skillful procedures to aid diagnosis and treatment. They are a core part of reviewing imaging and contributing to the discussion of treatment plans with physicians and surgeons. Radiology is a technology-heavy specialty, advancing all the time.

BRP Time Line

1995- Symington and Partners (now known as Bergman Ross & Partners Radiologists) opened its doors at the Southern Cross Hospital in Wynberg with 1 Radiologist, Dr Jack Bergman, 3 Radiographers and 1 admin staff.

1997- N1 City Radiology was acquired, and most operations moved over to N1 City Hospital.

2002- Bergman Ross & Partners (formally Symington & Partners) opened its doors at the newly completed Kuils River Netcare Hospital.

2009- Further expansion with the setting up of an advanced imaging centre at the new N1 City Oncology unit comprising a 3T MRI scanner and a 64 slice CT scanner. 4 further satellite practices in Pretoria in the Intercare group.

2015- Partnered with OSOH.

2016- Pine haven opened its doors under the banner of Motshudi, Bergman Ross Radiologists. Seapoint also opened its doors.

2017- Saw our movement into Africa with the long planned for unit in Accra, Ghana.


Hyperlife is a medical centre situated in Alberton, southeast of Gauteng, which opened in mid 2016. Hyperlife currently offers X-Ray, Ultrasound, Mammography as well as Bone Density Scans. An exciting upcoming addition will be an MRI.

Hyperlife prides itself on providing an excellent experience for both patients and their referring doctors. This providing a comfortable environment and the shortest possible waiting times, as well as using modern equipment. BRP is an essential part of this excellent service offering, providing quality reports in a short timeframe.

Through its partnership with BRP, Hyperlife as built up an excellent reputation within its community, becoming renowned for friendly service, and quality medical imaging.

QMI Quest Medical Imaging

We are a state-of-the-art Radiology (x-ray) company situated in the heart of East Lagon in Accra, Ghana.

QMI was born out of the desire of local medical professionals combining their skills with those from outside the country, but resident on the African continent, to bring medical imaging of the highest order to the Ghanaian people. Bergman Ross & Partners formed his partnership with Lancet Laboratories there to form Quest Medical Imaging Services in 2015

Medical Imaging forms one of the cornerstones of correct & accurate diagnosis in modern medicine and in so doing allowing for the expedient and appropriate institution of therapy, thereby resulting in better outcomes for patients.

Quest Medical Imaging boasts staff practicing radiography & radiology of the highest quality who continually strive to improve on these skills. Patient care is of paramount importance to each & every member of the team and a pleasant patient experience is a prerequisite. We endeavour to provide an unparalleled service to all our clients and referring medical and allied medical professionals.

MBRI- Motshudi Bergman Ross Radiologists

In 2015 Bergman Ross & Partners Radiologists partnered with Dr Thepelo Motshudi to form Motshudi, Bergman Ross Radiologists.

Our doors opened at the Pinehaven Netcare Hospital in Krugarsdorp on the 30th September 2015 With state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal, we offer the following services: General X-Rays, CT scan, MRI, Mammography, Sonography, Bone Densitometry and Fluoroscopy.

With our highly qualified and motivated Radiographers and Radiologists on call 24/7, we are proud to be of service to the patients at Pinehaven Hospital and the surrounding Mogale City District.

OSOH – On-Site Occupational Health X-Rays

On- Site Occupational Health x-rays have been in operation since 1999 and ha maintained a strong national footprint in the Occupational Health Industry since then. A strategic partnership with Bergman Ross & Partners Radiologists was developed, which added further value with professional occupational health diagnostics and ILO reporting

We provide an onsite mobile chest x-ray service to all occupational Health Practitioners as per legislation for their medicals. Working in certain industries can be hazardous to employees and can have a serious health implication especially in lung diseases. We believe that companies can play a vital role in raising health awareness issues by taking steps to ensure that their employees are regularly screened so that lives may be saved through early detection. TB, which is a leading cause of death from infectious diseases can also be detected allowing for the prevention of spread in the workplace

Chest x-rays are an important investigation of the lung and can diagnose an early lung condition especially in the surveillance of dust exposed workers which aids in minimising disease progression. How an employee’s health can affect their ability to do the job How work and the working environment can affect an employee’s health

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