At Well Women, we offer world-class screening services in the field of women’s health and wellness. Early detection saves lives, and through our professional services we aim to encourage the importance of regular screening. 

What is a screening?

Screening tests are designed to detect hidden diseases in otherwise healthy people. These tests aim to find these diseases early, when they have the best chance of being cured. 

Diseases we screen for

Breast cancer screening involves testing otherwise healthy women for signs could show that a cancer is developing.

From the age of 45, women should start with annual breast cancer screenings, and can then switch to a biannual mammogram from age 55. For breast cancer screening, we use mammography. For women who are at higher risk of getting breast cancer, we use a breast MRI alongside mammograms. 

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Osteoporosis screening involves bone density tests in women who think they may be at risk for osteoporosis.

From age 65, women should start getting screened for osteoporosis. Those with risk factors, such as family history of osteoporosis, low body mass, and conditions that increase the likelihood of bone fractures, should start getting screened earlier. For osteoporosis screening, we use a DEXA scan. 

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