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Well Women is your specialised bone and breast radiology practice, where we believe that every month should be breast cancer awareness month.


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We offer a wide range of diagnostic and screening services in the field of women’s health and wellness

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Well Women Bone and Breast Care was launched in January 2021 at Suite 306, 3rd Floor,The Point Shopping Centre, 76 Regent St, Sea Point.
Dr Leora Sweidan, a specialist Radiologist in breast and bone imaging heads up Well Women and focusses her career exclusively on cutting edge breast and BMD diagnostics. She is passionate about all aspects of breast imaging including mammography, Ultrasound, breast intervention and breast MRI.

Our Specialist Doctor


Dr Leora Sweidan MBCHB (UCT), FC RAD DIAG (SA)

Consultant Breast Imaging Specialist

An extremely passionate doctor and health care professional with experience in both public and private healthcare sectors in SA and UK with focus on cutting edge breast cancer diagnostics. For Dr Leora Sweidan, empathy, compassion, supportive communication and a people centred approach are key to her practice as a breast radiologist with more than 12 years experience in this field.

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