About Well Women

Blue, white, and grey painting on wall
Well Women Bone and Breast Care was launched in January 2021 at Suite 306, 3rd Floor,The Point Shopping Centre, 76 Regent St, Sea Point.

Dr Leora Sweidan, a specialist Radiologist in breast and bone imaging heads up Well Women and focusses her career exclusively on cutting edge breast and BMD diagnostics. She is passionate about all aspects of breast imaging including mammography, Ultrasound, breast intervention and breast MRI.

Breast cancer screening remains a highly anxious and stressful time for many patients and, as such we understand the need for a safe and professional atmosphere where our patients receive a personalised and dedicated imaging service and are kept informed throughout all procedures performed.

Our patients have peace of mind knowing that our Radiologist, Mammographer, sonographer, Radiographers and administrative staff have extensive specialised experience in breast and bone imaging- providing unparalleled care for our women patients.

Statistics show that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Early diagnoses and treatments of breast cancer will greatly increase the chance for survival and hence our focus is on enhancing public awareness and understanding of women’s health issues. Through our professional services we aim to promote the importance of regular breast screening and to encourage women to be more aware of their own health.

Dr Sweidan and the mammography team at Well Women look forward to being of service to our female patients with an emphasis on creating a caring, holistic, communicative and compassionate environment.
 ‘For women by Women.’