V/Marker Placement

A V/marker, or breast tissue marker, is a small stainless-steel marker that is inserted into the breast at either the time of a biopsy or to mark previously diagnosed abnormalities.

Patients will be awake and can expect very little pain and no scarring on the breast. Certain patients, such as those with dense breast tissue or abnormalities near the chest wall or behind the nipple may be more sensitive during the procedure.

The purpose of v/marker placement

During your breast biopsy, most of the lesions may have been removed and could be difficult to find. A V/Marker, or breast marker clip, is placed to help a radiologist or surgeon locate the area again.

Marking the site with a breast marker clip also helps to ensure that the correct area was biopsied. This can also save you from needing to have biopsies in the same area in the future and can be used to find the area for surgery.

Additionally, some women with diagnosed cancer are now having chemotherapy before surgery. In this case, a marker is placed in the cancer or in an abnormal lymph node, as these are likely to respond to the treatment and may be too small to locate on imaging later.

Brunette woman smiling whilst holding pink breast cancer ribbon
Brunette woman smiling whilst holding pink breast cancer ribbon

How to prepare for a V/Marker placement procedure

To prepare for your V/Marker placement:

  • Eat and drink as per usual before the procedure.
  • Disclose if you have a history of bleeding problems.
  • Inform your radiologist if you take blood thinners (aspirin, warfarin etc.).
  • Avoid taking aspirin and ibuprofen products at least 7 days prior to your marker placement.

V/Marker Procedure FAQs

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions around V/Marker procedures:

How does the breast marker get removed?

Generally, there is no need to remove the breast marker. If the biopsy proves to be non-cancerous (benign), the Magseed can simply remain in the breast. However, if surgery is required to remove the abnormality, then the breast marker will also be removed.

Will I feel the breast marker after it has been inserted?

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to feel the breast marker. The marker will not set off metal detectors and does not interfere with MRIs and other radiology exams.

Does it mean that I have cancer if I have a Marker?

Having a breast marker does not mean that you have cancer. A maker is simply a helpful tool that is used to identify the biopsy site. This marker can be seen on mammograms, which helps the radiologist read your exam.

Brunette woman smiling whilst holding pink breast cancer ribbon
Brunette woman smiling whilst holding pink breast cancer ribbon

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