Vacuum-assisted core Biopsy involves taking a sample of breast tissue for examination. This is a minimally invasive procedure and needed when an abnormality in the breast shows up which is exceedingly small.

This biopsy procedure is performed either using breast MRI, mammogram, or Ultrasound as a guidance to indicate exactly where the biopsy needle needs to be to take the breast tissue samples allowing for exact positioning.  

A small incision is made in the skin and a special biopsy needle is inserted into the breast. Several samples of breast tissue are then taken by means of a vacuum powered instrument which sucks the tissue up into the centre of the needle.  These samples are then retrieved from the needle and sent to the Pathology laboratory to be analysed.

This type of biopsy replaces a surgical biopsy and is therefore much safer for the patient and Radiologist performing this as is done under a local anaesthetic. The patient may experience slight discomfort during the examination but little pain.

Specialised Procedures: