What is the meaning of the word Bi-rads which I have read on my report?

This term is used in daily mammogram reports. It means Breast Imaging Reporting and Database System score. This system sorts the results into categories which are numbered 0-6: 0 - Incomplete - additional imaging evaluation is needed- or comparison imaging. 1 - Negative - no abnormal imaging noted. 2 - Benign (non-cancerous finding) – no sign of cancer. 3 - Possibly benign however should require follow up within 6 months. 4 - Suspicious Abnormality – Findings do not look like cancer but may be. A biopsy may be necessary for further definition. 5 - Highly Suggestive of malignancy – 95% of cancer – and biopsy very strongly recommended. 6 - Known Biopsy – proven malignancy- these mammograms are necessary to see how well cancer is responding to treatment.