What is breast ultrasound?

With an ultrasound, high-frequency sound waves are used to produce an image of the breast. This process does not utilise radiation and is painless.  Ultrasound is performed by placing a probe on the breast and systematically moving the probe to view the entire breast. Ultrasound of the breasts may not be as sensitive as tomosynthesis, or 3D imaging and is therefore used as a complementary form of imaging - to attain additional details. Nevertheless, ultrasound of the breast is still most useful, as in the case of a pregnant women who may feel a mass or have a nipple discharge. An ultrasound would be the chosen mode of imaging, as there is no radiation involved in the procedure. For women under the age of 35- where breast tissue is very dense – ultrasound remains the gold standard of breast imaging. Detailed imaging of the axillary nodes is clearly defined with ultrasound as are most breast cancers – as they consist of different tissue to normal breast tissue. At Well Women, an ultrasound of the breast is routine, with every mammogram to ensure an exact diagnosis.